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These days you can't swing a cat without hitting a DJ. Rising above the throng of DJs of all typical styles, DJ Appropriate has no style. Wait, that sounds bad. Appropriate has lots of style. In fact, Appropriate is master of all styles. And you get an experienced, cheeseless Emcee too.

It's crucial for a DJ to to read the crowd, so Appropriate comes over-prepared with over a thousand hours of music. At live events it'll shake your ass until you lose a screw or bust a nut. Soundtrack work, the Appropriate stream (2000-2007), and recorded mixes all entertain your brain. Sometimes it's thematic: 70's rare soul? All one year? Songs about monkeys? No problem!

Appropriate (aka Tony Brooke) is available for events, production and film soundtrack supervision (California and beyond). Contact Tony to hire him or to hear mixes. Also see the recording client list. For examples, see themed playlists below.

No upcoming gigs.

Recent gigs have included:

MC+DJ for Brainstormer Pub Quiz at Danny Coyle's pub, weekly 11/2006-6/2011
MC+DJ for Brainstormer Pub Quiz at The Club House Bistro in the Crowne Plaza Hotel, weekly 11/2010-6/2011
A 40th Birthday Party, "1969" theme, 6/2009
Foreign Cinema Wedding, 6/2009
"Cheerleader Smackdown" at Annie's Social Club, 5/2/08
Buncha weddings, Summer-Fall 2007
"School's Out for Summer" at Annie's Social Club, 5/24/07
Soundtrack work for DJ Appropriate Jr.'s birth and subsequent sabbatical
MC+DJ for Brainstormer Pub Quiz at the Rogue Ale House, weekly 2/06-11/06
Boat Launch at the Encinal Yacht Club, 10/1/06
The Wedding where the father of the bride loved me so much he wanted to wrestle me, 9/2006
Moderated panel at the Bandwidth Conference at the SF Apple Store about band websites and promotion, 8/19/2006
Menlo High Graduation party, 6/7/06
Thompson Wedding at Stonetree Golf Club, 3/11/06
MC+DJ for Brainstormer Pub Quiz at the An Bodhran, weekly 5/05-3/06
Chronicle Books Holiday Party at 330 Rich, 12/7/05
Matt Berg's party, 6/4/05
Davis/Warshaw Wedding at Sutter Mansion, 5/29/05
MC+DJ for Brainstormer Pub Quiz at the Elephant and Castle, weekly 9/04-6/05
The Hodge Podge Lodge at The Odeon, 5/7/05, 3/12/05, 1/7/05 and 10/15/04.
Riffing and scoring "Bad Movie Night: Phantom of the Paradise" at The Darkroom, 4/17/05.
The 12 Galaxies with the Billy Nayer Show, 3/11/05.
MC+DJ for Brainstormer Pub Quiz at the Elixir pub, weekly 11/04-2/05.
MC+DJ at the Werepad, 11/19/04.
The 12 Galaxies "Monster Bash with Cookie Mongoloid," 10/30/04.
The 12 Galaxies "AIWFMBIANP," 9/14/04.
The San Francisco Old Mint private party, 10/16/04.
JCF LGBT fundraiser 6/04.
MC for Spanganga Closing Show, 4/04.
the YMCA awards 4/04 and 150th Anniversary 4/03, at the Argent Hotel.
Halloween 10/31/03 on South Van Ness
Flown in to Philadelphia for event, 10/4/2003
various weddings, theater shows, parties etc.

A few older mixes are described below... For dancefloor-ready mixes, see Who'd-A Funk It, Monkey Mix part 4, the Striptacular mix, the second half of Car Tunes part 3 or the second half of the XMas mix. (The rest of the theme mixes are aimed more at the mind than the booty.)

Who'd-A Funk It? The DJ Appropriate Wedding Mix

The wedding mix that's not a "wedding" mix. Warning: does not contain "We Are Family" or "Celebration." Check out the playlist here. Print out the CD cover/back.
Power Tool Drag Races 2003

Swingin Jingle Jive and Frosty Funk Mix 2003

A little mix for the holidays... from kitschy to groovin to funky.

Power Tool Drag Races, San Francisco 2003

Mahem, metal, fire and grease at the Power Tool Drag Races... It was a blast- Check out the playlist.

Hellbound Monkey Mix

A three-hour mix of tunes about monkeys, in four thematic parts (!). Veers from blues to pop to hard rock to hip-hop to funk. Made for a Hellbound Monkey themed party, it raged out of control King-Kong-style and took obeware of monkeys and thieves...ver Appropriate's skyscraper. Check out the playlist...

Car Tunes Mix

Grooving car tunes, road rockers, fun dumb drivin' tunes and a few sweet pretty tunes. See the playlist...

Striptacular Budonkadonk Booty Bass Mix

This one is ridiculous, made for a bachelor party. No redeeming social value at all. Watch It: dirty lyrics, sexual content, funky attitude. If you've never heard innuendo, ask your parents what it means and welcome to the big bad dirty world. See the playlist...

The YMCA 150th Anniversary Party, and YMCA Volunteer of the Year Awards

All that was really needed here was to put on the extended dance mix of Village People's "YMCA" for 5 hours. Nahh, there were other tunes too. Held at the Argent Hotel's swanky ballroom in San Francisco, 4/03 and 4/04.

Spiderman Megamix:
Appropriate vrs Original Theme vrs Apollo 440 remix vrs Missy Elliott vrs Ramones

A bizarre mashup remix combining 4 versions of the SpiderMan theme song.

Appropriate's music collection is painstakingly curated and farm fresh... 19,000+ tracks, with no fillers. Just keepers, each one researched for complete cross-reference-ability and tagged with name, artist, beats-per-minute, custom genre, album, year, composer, track# and album art. Formats include AIFF, WAV, AAC, MP3(320), LP, 45, 78, CD, DVD, MP3CD, cassette(dbx), DTRS, ADAT, DAT, minidisc, oh man even 8-track, VHS, microcassette...

Some of the homegrown categories/genres tapped:


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